It started 20 years ago.


There was this boy in high school.

He was the smart kind.

He was popular.

He was the dude standing in the rain because he gave his jacket to this girl who didn’t have one.

He noticed.

He was noticed.

He was kind, funny, interesting and fun.

He was sort of a geek.

I married that boy. Not right away (I’m rather hard headed) but I did.

That boy introduced me to Star Trek, Star Wars and much more. Boys like to teach girls stuff. That is the stuff I let this boy teach me. The purpose of the death star, the crew on starship Enterprise.

That was 20 years ago, give or take.

To this day, I can see the pure joy/pride on his face when I make some sort of Star Trek reference.

I’m sure the passing of Leonard Nimoy isn’t such a big deal for some people but for us it kinda is. We have great memories that revolve around this show, around Mr. Nimoy’s character. PC hasn’t heard about this yet. I have to break the news to him this evening. I know he will be sad. Maybe it just reminds us of our age. Or of the good times, ya know before all this grown-up responsibility crap.

It’s how we started.

Rest ever so peacefully Commander Spock! LLAP!

Much Love To All!

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