Can someone get me a dictionary, please??

August something, 2001-ish

Today’s entry is about work, like usual. There is always something to talk about when you teach a classroom full of 2 year olds. When your class contains as many unique personalities as mine does this year, the talk is…well, it’s just as unique. And even if you are having a particularly stressful day, one conversation like today’s can give your mood a full 180 degree turn. So…

What had happened was….

We had just come in from recess. We were almost finished going potty (and by “we” I mean the kids, Haha!) and washing our hands when

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We had just come in from recess. We were almost finished going potty (and by “we” I mean the kids, Haha!) and washing our hands when I noticed my nose noticed little Johnny chose NOT to use the restroom. He learned to pee in the big boy potty very quickly but #2 proved to be a real challenge for him.

At this point, the rest of the kids were at the table with their puzzles, books, or coloring pages waiting for me to change Johnny’s diaper. After I cleaned him up, I sanitized the changing table and decided to spray a little air freshener around the area. My little inquisitive Jane had something to say about that…

Jane: *watching me spray the air freshener* What is that Mrs. Shawna

Me: It’s called air freshener, hun. It helps take the stinky smell out of the air.

Jane: *waving her hand in front of her nose* Oh good idea Mrs. Shawna! It was beginning to smell a bit pungent in here!

Me: *squashing my laughter with every oz of will power I have* Pungent huh? That sure is a great word for it! Where have you heard that word before?

Jane: My mommy says that when daddy toots.

Me:  *getting harder not to laugh hysterically* Well, did the spray help?

Jane: Yup.

Me: Fantastic. Alright everyone, time to clear off the table for lunch.

Oh yeah, you read that right folks, she used the word pungent correctly in a sentence at the age of 2. Initially, I didn’t even question it. I mean, I knew her and her sister’s (she is a twin) parents and that does sound like something they would say. However, as we waited for lunch to arrive I began to wonder if that word meant what I thought it did or was I just in a bit of shock still? I had to ask my co-worker for a dictionary – this was before we all had a dictionary in our pockets – so I could look it up. I didn’t want her to continue to use the wrong word. Ha!




I was also the twins’ babysitter so this won’t be the last you hear of them, I’m sure. They are now college students and I’m assuming they are doing alright in their classes…


Much Love To All

Mrs. Shawna

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