She used what??

Have you seen those pictures floating around the world wide interwebs? The ones of a wine rack being used as a towel rack instead? I have seen that one millions of times. I tried it out myself. Clearly, it is possible to do this, so we already know that the wine rack idea works.

What I am sharing with you today is:

  • Is this idea functional
  • Is it truly a space saver
  • How I applied this idea in my home
  • And how I summoned my “inner McGuyver” when a problem arose

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Now, Let’s take a look at my experience with this hack.

I took this lovely wine rack that I found on *Amazon* and hung it in my guest bathroom. This bathroom is pretty small so I was looking for an alternative method of storage for towels. This should have been a very quick project. You decide on your wall space, you place the screws into the wall – leaving them sticking out of the wall slightly for the rack to hang on. Next, you hang the rack then place your towels.

So I did that. Once I got to the hang-the-rack-on-the-screws part, I noticed that it was crooked. The screw on the right was just a smidge lower than the one on the left. Bummer! I was so excited to finally be able to cross this off of my to do list. (probably why I messed up step one)

I didn’t want to remove the screw and start another hole in the wall. I’m no carpenter but I don’t believe that would have worked. Not well anyways. The current hole was too close to where the 2nd hole would need to be in order for the rack to be straight. Therefore, I would have to remove both the right AND left screws and basically start over. That wasn’t my favorite option either. So I improvised.

I tore off a piece of toilet paper, wadded it up and shoved it against the wall above the part of the screw that the rack hole was going to be sitting on. It was late, I was bummed and the TP was right there! I didn’t even take the rack off the screws. I just lifted up the right side until it was even with the left side and used a pen lid to shove the toilet paper behind the rack against the screw. I filled in the space with toilet paper. Hey now, Don’t judge me! 1) It worked like a charm 2) no one would know, the towels would cover the TP up 3) the TP would likely have no problem holding up the weight of a few towels and 4) IT WAS RIGHT THERE. Hehe! But seriously, If you ever come across a similar problem, toilet paper may not be the answer. I mean, If I planned on actually using this rack for wine I certainly would have used a different material. As a matter of fact, I would have wrapped a rubber-band around the screw that needed to be higher up on the wall. Like one of those heavy duty, beige ones I have pictured in my current logo.

(Wait…did she just share another hack? Yuppers, stay tuned for a tutorial on that hack soon)

Anywho, I thought for sure there was some flaw in my idea that I was too tired to realize at the time but so far…so good! It has been over a year and my towel rack is still holding up.

Have you used a wine rack for something more creative than wine? Did your project go smoothly or were there a few hiccups along the way? Share with the class, in the comments section!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone,

Much Love To All

2 thoughts on “She used what??

  1. It makes for a good conversation piece when we can come up with a creative and functional, alternative use for something. Have you had any guests to admire your win rack hack?

    1. It does! I am the queen of doing things just a little differently than most. And Yes, I have had several compliments on that thing. Toilet paper is a joke in my house now because of it! I don’t mind at all though… Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting!

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