Did you jump on this bandwagon?

It is said that many of our household products contain toxic chemicals, hormones and lots of unnecessary junk that is detrimental to you and your family’s health.

Making your own hand soap, detergent, cleaning products and more seems to be all the craze right now. Is this just a new trend or are these all-natural, going-green hippies on to something here?

Well, let me first just say, I am no scientist or doctor nor do I play one on TV! I honestly don’t know if there is something to fear here or not. Here’s what I do know is…

  • I suffer from severe hormone imbalance (possibly since the age of 18)
  • Doc believes I also have Endometriosis which could explain my infertility and pmdd
  • In October 2014 Doc started me on a new medication intended to minimize my symptoms until hysterectomy could be scheduled
  • New medication made my symptoms so much worse and for the cherry on top of this ice cream sundae, it gave me several new scary symptoms
  • All of this led to gallbladder removal after they found large gallstones  (even though my risk factor for an unhealthy gallbladder was very low)
  • Hysterectomy was postponed for the surgery
  • Around August 2015, this ugly mole on my knee started to itch. Never itched or hurt before and I bet this mole had been there for at least 10 years. So I got it checked
  • October 16th, 2015 I had surgery for early stage skin cancer(that darn mole), also very little (if any) risk factors were found in my lifestyle/family history for Melanoma
  • To this day, I am still not feeling like myself again
  • After years of going through that many health struggles……you will consider damn near ANY possible culprits and/or solutions!!

What did I do next?

I was obsessed with figuring out why! Why did I suddenly have gallstones? Why did I suddenly have CANCER on a mole that had been presumably cancer free for so many years? I figured it was pretty likely that, somehow, all of these things were related. Or that there was a health concern at the root of all of this. I mean, clearly, the gallbladder needed to come out. I saw the stones on the ultrasound myself. And I absolutely HAD to have the WLE surgery to remove all remaining cancer cells in that area. But were those two situations just symptoms of an underlying problem?  I started to believe so. That’s when I hit the books world wide interwebs. I am now a google expert of sorts! Anywho, The more research I did the more I realized everything could point to my hormone imbalance. In fact, it looked as though I was suffering from estrogen dominance. And if that is true, it would explain EVERYTHING! Seriously all of my symptoms, the gallbladder, cancer, infertility…etc.

My Conclusions after searching the World Wide Interwebs:

I can not prove the validity of anything I found online. I tried to take my time and be as internet-responsible as possible. I did not simply believe everything I read nor did I start sharing the scary stuff I saw with everyone I know like it was the gospel. I dug down as far as I could go then compared every theory with as many other sources I could find. That being said I was left with several impressions.

  1. It seems that in excess the ingredients/chemicals used in most of our household products are toxic. Meaning the chemical by itself is not considered toxic but a large amount of said chemical is.
  2. Now let’s examine just one of the chemicals used in your household products. We’ll call him “xyz”. It is possible that “xyz” is used in your dryer sheets, laundry detergent, hand soap, the leather your couch is made of, your mattress, oven cleaner, toilet cleaner, area rugs, the place mats on your dining room table, those artificial flowers you have on your entry way table…Get my drift? Maybe the amount of “xyz” chemical found in my dryer sheets isn’t enough to harm me or my family. But what if I add together the amount of “xyz” from every possible source in my house?? How do I know I do not have a “toxic” amount of “XYZ” floating in the air throughout my home?
  3. Since household products are not intended to be ingested the FDA is not involved in regulating these products.
  4. The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) is involved. And in my opinion, they are barely involved. I won’t list the regulations I found here but I will say that every rule I read seemed to have some very questionable loopholes for product manufacturers. From what I understand, if a certain chemical hasn’t yet been “proven” to be a health risk the manufacturer doesn’t even need to list that chemical! WHA???

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. This means if you click on one the links or ads and purchase a product, I will receive a commission. (I’m saving up for a pony…) All affiliate links are marked with asterisks (*). Thank ya’ll for your support. I appreciate ya!

Plan Of Action:

I decided to make a few changes just in case. It might be a shot in the dark but here are a few things I changed…

  1. I gave up laundry detergent and purchased these *laundry washer balls*. They had great reviews and the money I would save on detergent alone made this purchase worth the risk! After a little research on this product, I felt like this was a great alternative. So far, I am very happy with them. My washer has a large drum so I normally use both balls for each wash unless it’s a very small load. About once a week I set them outside on my back porch for a few hours so the sun can recharge the crystals.
  2. I also gave up dryer sheets and purchased these *wool dryer balls*. They also had great reviews and again the price plus the money I would be saving on dryer sheets made this one a no brainer. This set comes with six balls. For a large load, I usually use 4 of them. I add a few drops of my favorite essential oils to one or two of them (depending on which oil I’m using, some oils are stronger in scent than others) and my clothes smell fresh for much longer than they ever have! The most challenging part of this change was finding the right essential oils. I couldn’t decide which scent I liked best for my clothes so I have actually purchased several sets of the wool balls.
  3. While ordering the wool dryer balls, one of the suggested addition products were these hedgehog *dryer balls*. I added them to my order because I found several reviews online that suggested using them with the wool balls. I’m glad I did! I use 3 or 4 of them in each large load in conjunction with the wool balls. My dry time is nearly cut in half! I make sure I keep all of these balls separate when throwing them into the dryer. In fact, I put a few of them in before adding my clothes, then one at a time I add the rest. They get in between my clothes, separating them during the cycle which means they dry faster. I believe they also help my wool balls move around in the dryer during the cycle which helps as well.
  4. I also ditched all of my air fresheners and bought a diffuser and a crap ton of essential oils. I am not adding links to these because I plan on writing a separate post on my experience with essential oils. If you are interested in looking into essential oils and don’t wanna wait around for my possible post on them, you should check out what Plant Therapy has to offer. So far, I have had a great experience with them.

So YES, I jumped on this bandwagon. The theories discussed in this post may have more twists than a pretzel factory but like I said before, the risk is minimal here. If I don’t like any of the changes I made I can always go back and I haven’t wasted that much time or money on any of them for it to feel like a complete loss.

Where do you stand on the subject? Are willing to look into any alternatives in your home? No matter what your answer is, feel free to share it in the comments section! I welcome any conversation on the matter.

Much Love To All…


4 thoughts on “Did you jump on this bandwagon?

    1. These days clean living it almost a MUST, isn’t it? I have heard of Norwex before. I thought it was a service offered to businesses only. Not sure where I got that idea from. I will be looking into it more now. Thank you for stopping by and commenting!

  1. Slowly but surely, since I have a husband and kids who are sometimes reluctant to try new things, I am moving toward a cleaner lifestyle. I haven’t had the issues you have had, but definitely, want to prevent as many of them as I can.

    1. Absolutely! Why wait until you or your family becomes ill? I would start by making a list of things you and your family would be willing to change. Then you can go down the list one at a time. Just replace/modify the first thing on your list and give it time to see if you like the results (or if the hubby and kiddos do). Then move on to the next. Good luck! Thanks for stopping by and for commenting!

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