The Easiest Decoration To Use Year ‘Round

According to my Pinterest boards, I am a great party host, I make the most amazing food and my house looks like I paid an interior designer thousands of dollars to decorate it every holiday.

According to reality, I rarely throw parties, I make so-so food (the things I know PC likes) and my house looks like I threw together a bunch of random dollar store items on the walls when I had the extra dough to visit the dollar stores. Well, except for my fireplace. I’m pretty proud of how that area turned out. I may show that off in a future post.

We moved into our new home in the summer time and I swear 30 minutes later it was already Christmas time. I absolutely love Christmas decorating. While putting up our first Christmas tree (which I started doing before our family had even pulled out of our driveway Thanksgiving Day) I realized I had zero ideas on how to decorate the front porch. The one thing I hadn’t spent much time pinning about was front porch decorations. So before I get to the unveiling of my creation and the tutorial, here is a quick snippet of how I came up with it.

Thought #1: I don’t want to spend a lot of money on more decorations. We are too broke to pay attention after closing on the house.

Next thought: I do have a lot of Christmas decorations already. Maybe I can just hang some of my indoor stuff outside. The front porch is covered…

Next thought: Most people put plants on their front porch. My thumb is so far from green, I have killed a cactus before so it would have to be artificial. Oooh, I could get large artificial plants and then decorate them with my Christmas Tree bal…..

Last thought: Forget about putting a plant out there, how ’bout a tree! Who wouldn’t want 2 Christmas trees at Christmas time? I should be able to make something resembling a tree. And I could use it year ’round!

Most of my pictures of the tree decorated for Christmas came out pretty blurry but here is a picture of it decorated for Halloween! And it was easy as pie to make!


Now here’s the juicy stuff folks – aka the tutorial.

Supplies I used:

  1. One plastic pot for plants – the size is optional
  2. One tomato cage – just trust me on this one…
  3. Several strands of Christmas Garland  (or something similar)- the exact number of strands needed will depend on the size of tree you wish to make and the length of each strand
  4. Wire cutters – or something to cut the tomato cage with
  5. One bag of zip ties – I used the thicker ones but the thin ones work too
  6. A drill – or something to poke holes in the plastic pot

NOTE: If you do NOT already have a pot or tomato cage, I would pick out the cage first and use it to choose the perfect sized pot. The largest part of the tomato cage will be attached to the top of the pot, as shown below. The closer they are in size the easier this will be.

Step By Step Instructions:

Step One – Set your tomato cage on top of your pot, as pictured above. Cut the tomato cage down to your desired height. You can skip this step if you are tall enough to reach the top of the cage without cutting any off. I’m a shorty so I had to get rid of a few inches up there.

Step Two: Drill several holes near the top of your pot. I suggest at least five or six holes for security but this part is really up to you. As long as the hole is big enough for your zip ties to fit through, the size is up to you as well.

Step Three: Start wrapping your garland around the tomato cage. I used 7 strands of garland. I already had 4 or 5 on hand so I only had to purchase a few more for this project. Even though no one has noticed, *the garland I purchased* turned out to be slightly different from the strands I already had. I recommend spreading the “leaves” out while you are wrapping. Don’t wait until your whole tomato cage is covered in the garland to start fanning out the leaves and branches. I promise you will end up with a lot of bare spots! Remember, “Hot will cool if greedy will let it” so be patient. This part may take some time. But it’s worth it in the long run.

Step Four: Secure the cage to the pot using your *zip ties*. The color and size of your zip ties are up to you. If you drilled 4 or fewer holes in your pot I suggest you use the wider zip ties. If you drilled 5 or more you can get away with using the thinner ones. Now all that’s left to do is decorate!

This tree can stay on your porch year ’round. I have decorated it for every holiday or season. Be creative with it! Here are a few of my creations…


If you made it this far in the post, I appreciate ya. Check in often to see more of my “interchangeable” holiday decorations. If you choose to take on this project, have fun and share pictures of your finished product with us in the comments section! Ya’ll have a great weekend!

Much Love To All,


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