My Hands Are Up!

This NFL kneeling issue is driving me nuts! I did not want to get involved at all but I feel like there are a few things we as a people are forgetting. And I’m just going to get right to the point here.

Whether you are pro-stand or pro-kneel, YOU ARE RIGHT!!! You hear me? We are all right!! No matter what side you stand on (no pun intended…this time) you are right!

  1. This is a free friggin’ country and those athletes have the RIGHT to express their opinion!
  2. This is a free friggin’ country and the “people” have the RIGHT to be offended by the perceived disrespect those athletes seem to be showing their country by kneeling!

Let me break it down fer ya… (<—-misspelled on purpose, don’t have a cow)

Category ONE – The people that are pissed off at these athletes:

These people feel it is so very disrespectful for anyone to kneel during our country’s anthem. It is ironic, isn’t it? These athletes are disrespecting the symbol representing the very REASON they have the “right” to kneel! Their disrespect goes much further than that though. If you don’t respect the flag then you must also be disrespecting the people who fought for that flag! The ones who literally made it possible for you to have the freedom of speech, the freedom of kneeling in this case. These athletes get paid millions of dollars to play the sport they are good at. They get paid by very proud Americans! Not a smart move on the athletes part to disrespect their meal ticket. Ever heard the phrase “Don’t bite the hand that feeds ya”???

Category TWO – The people that support the kneeling:

These people believe the flag represents our freedom of speech, among other things, and if that is true then doesn’t it also represents their right to kneel? I mean, that is the bottom line here, isn’t it? They have just as much of a right to kneel as the other side of this debate has to hate that they kneel! Why should we care whether they stand or kneel during the National Anthem? It’s not hurting anyone, it only lasts a minute or two and (did I mention?) it’s not hurting anyone!!! With all of the violence in this world right now, you would think people would be ecstatic about a PEACEFUL protest! In addition to that, they are standing up for what they believe in. Someone needs to take a stand against racial oppression! Why can’t a professional athlete take this stand?

“What did that just say?  RACIAL OPPRESSION? What are you talking about Grace? What does that have to do with anything?” (<—-If you were wondering the same things it is likely you are on the pro-standing side of this debate!)

Now let me share with you how I feel about this subject!

  2. I do believe it is disrespectful for athletes anyone to kneel during the National anthem.
  3. I also believe they have the RIGHT to express their opinions in any non-violent way they feel will get their point across!
  4. I don’t believe many people understand that these athletes are taking part in a peaceful protest against RACIAL OPPRESSION! According to NFL dot com, Colin Kaepernick explained his actions by saying (and I’m quoting from the NFL website here) “This is not something that I am going to run by anybody,” he said. “I am not looking for approval. I have to stand up for people that are oppressed. … If they take football away, my endorsements from me, I know that I stood up for what is right.” Did you know THAT is why he started kneeling? I didn’t!! Not in the beginning anyways. I had to look into it further and then I started hearing and reading more and more about it. So what if his momma was discriminated against in the grocery store one day. I mean, maybe in the obvious “I can’t believe the cashier just said that to her” kinda way. Wouldn’t YOU stand up for your momma???? Risk everything in hopes that no one ever has to go through what she just went through, especially this day in age, when this crap SHOULD just be a sad part of our history and now we should be taking pride in the fact that over time this problem has dissipated and everyone is now treated fairly???? (I know, I know, wishful thinking Grace) Now that thing with his momma, I just made that crap up. I have no idea why he feels so strongly about this issue AND NEITHER DO YOU! That might be why so many people feel as though this is just simply a disrespect to our flag/country…etc. They don’t know the meaning of his actions. They haven’t learned what he is trying to “say” here or why. So, of course, it looks rude and disrespectful!
  5. I also believe it is up to us, the people, to help him find a more respectful way of protest. Why are we just complaining about it? Why isn’t anyone offering him suggestions?
  6. I also believe there is still racial oppression happening these days. I am fortunate enough to not have to witness that kind of crap. In the Lone Star state (and I’m not speaking for the whole damn state, just the parts I have lived in I suppose), we love or hate everyone equally! If we love ya, that means your actions haven’t givin’ us any reason not to. If we hate ya, that means your actions gave us a reason to. Has nothing to do with the color of your skin, your religion, the color of your car or hair, your gender, your dog’s name or your manners (cause we’ll teach ya those!) or anything else for that matter, other than your actions. Treat me like crap and I will weigh my options. If it’s worth it to speak up, that’s what I will do. If I know that speaking up will just cause a big ole fuss and accomplish nothing positive then I will likely go my separate damn way and avoid putting myself in that crap treatin’ situation ever again. Physically harm myself or anyone in my family (including my dog/horse..etc) and I will be polite enough to give you a 10-second running head start…..You bess take advantage of those 10 seconds too because I may not be a fast runner but my family/friends/dog/bullets are! I probably WON’T be chasing you all by my lonesome!
  7. I believe the best way to get rid of a bully is to take away their power over you. Do you know how to do that? Example: Bully calls you a wimp. You laugh it off, agree with the bully then walk away. Done!! Bully moves on to someone or something else. You enjoy the rest of your day.  Bully no longer has any power. He didn’t make you angry. The exchange didn’t escalate to physical violence. A crowd didn’t form, a million cell phone cameras didn’t come out. That incident wasn’t on the news nor did it circulate through facebook over and over again like a bad case of the flu! See where I’m going with this?  That may not have been the best example but you get the idea. You notice how ONE athlete kneeling during the Anthem turned into SEVERAL athletes kneeling during the Anthem??? We didn’t laugh at that one athlete or ignore him or stop watching his team play or throw away his jersey or refuse to buy tickets to see him play or do whatever else we could have done to diffuse this situation. We joined in! We participated in this. By sharing a thousand memes on Facebook, making videos of ourselves shaming the athletes for disrespecting the flag and our men and women who fought for their right to kneel! By VOICING our opinions so loudly and publicly for or against this action, we joined him! Therefore, his action didn’t disappear, in fact, it escalated…quickly!! (see what I did there??) He didn’t move on to someone or something else. And we didn’t enjoy the rest of our day games.
  8. I believe the majority of the people complaining about the athletes kneeling during the National Anthem are everyday blue-collar, proud Americans wearing their team cap, holding a beer and SITTING on their couch watching the National Anthem being sung! Do you ask everyone in your house to shut up during the Anthem? Do you take your hat off? Do YOU STAND?? Yeah, you, the ones complaining about that football player not standing….
  9. If you don’t, I believe that is your right!
  10. Maybe it’s the teacher in me or something but I believe we should be reacting differently to the obvious racial oppression that happens in this country! Just like those bullies, why are we giving the racist SOB’s soooooo much attention!? We are rewarding that kind of behavior! If we want those SOB’s to stop doing it, we need to STOP giving “IT” attention! Where are all those videos that were taken during the hurricanes showing a rainbow of skin colors pulling people out of their homes in their personal boats?? Or the rainbow of skin colors BEING pulled out of their homes by regular non-emegency personnel citizens who just happen to have the means to jump in and help??????? Why aren’t we making THAT kind of behavior famous?? How long did those videos and pictures circulate? HUH? Now compare that to how long this kneeling crap is circulating! Ugh, makes my damn tummy hurt. Why don’t the positive situations out-number the negative ones? Well, I want to believe they do but the MEDIA won’t allow us to believe that! We only see what the media wants us to see. “Cause when they own the information, oh they can bend it all they want”. (If you got that reference, we should be friends!)
  11. I believe if people would stop bitchin’ about these athletes kneeling they might actually pick a DIFFERENT FORM OF PROTEST! They will realize that kneeling during the Anthem is NOT getting their point across or their opinions heard and they will start carrying signs instead. Or they will take some of their MILLIONS and start an organization to bring awareness to the part of the American public who never witness racism and therefore don’t realize it is even a problem! They will find a way to get their point across! But they don’t have to because this way is working so far! People are googling WHY they are kneeling. They are being heard! They are being talked about. They are making a stand and it is being noticed!
  12. I believe on Wednesday, September 20th, there was a 7.1 magnitude earthquake that hit Mexico and the death toll is still rising! To find out where I got that info or to find more information on THAT subject you can click here!!!!!!!
  13. I believe we should be talking ABOUT THINGS LIKE THAT! And how we can help!
  14. I believe the president should be tweeting about THAT as well as many other current world news events that we don’t even know about because he is too busy stirring this ridiculous pot of drama!!
  15. I believe we should all be praying for the Las Vegas community right now instead of bitching about some athletes!
  16. I believe this is the longest post I will ever write on my blog.
  17. I believe I can get off my soapbox now.

If you read that whole thing…I’m sorry and thank you! This is the only time I will speak about this subject. In fact, I wrote this post weeks ago and couldn’t decide if I wanted to publish it or not. Be kind, people. We are all on the same rollercoaster ride together. Your happiness is your choice!! You can choose to put your hands up and scream at the top of your lungs in excitement, or you can sit on the rollercoaster and complain about how the person in front of you cut in line and now they are sitting in the seat you deserved to sit in…

Much Love To All




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